Les Corps extravagants

As this is the 5th edition of Phénomena, itself preceded by 10 editions of the Festival Voix d’Amériques.

You might think our confidence has grown. You’d be wrong. There is no recipe: a festival is created as it is made. And since we are constantly reinventing ourselves, taking risks, deliberating over what seemed so obvious the previous year, there is no place for confidence. We are just as anxious and uncertain as ever.

We are, however, certain of Phénomena’s singular and unique role; this platform remains essential to independent, unclassifiable artists with a dedicated artistic approach. And our mission to make this avant-garde and daring artistic production accessible to everyone is more important than ever at a time when we waver between disillusionment and self-congratulation.

Our regulars will notice some big changes: a tighter program, nine big shows, an outdoor stage, and the return of the open mic. And for the first time, a Headquarters where we can gather each night to discuss, listen to good music, drink, eat, ponder, critique, and fool around. Because after 5 years, we want freedom and extravagance!