A Message from the Artistic Director D. Kimm

You’ve heard of an “elevator pitch”: that moment when you have to explain to someone important — stuck with you in an elevator — what you do. You must distil your ideas and hit your mark before… the door opens.

This was never my strong point. How can I explain what Les Filles électriques is in one punchy line that says it all? It’s too complex, varied, creative, magical.

This year the company celebrates 15 years together, and there’s a lot to be proud of. Les Filles électriques are brilliant—just as dynamic and creative as ever—and on fire with two major upcoming creations for 2016.

The exhibition Abrazo, produced in collaboration with my partner, photographer Caroline Hayeur, focuses on the tango. Although I have been dancing the tango for several years (and it is the only time I get to clear my head), this is the first time that my secret world will meet my artistic sphere.

In addition, my first children’s show, Comment j’ai appris à parler aux oiseaux, will debut as part of Festival Les Coups de théâtre in November. I am honoured to perform in this prestigious festival, and it has been a pleasure to turn my attention to a solo project after many years of collective projects (hello, coordination!). I say ‘solo project,’ but I’m actually surrounded by a team of brilliant collaborators.

My collaborators represent the secret to Les Filles électriques’ success and have allowed me to boldly evolve over the past 15 years. I surround myself with a great team and I’ve been fortunate to work with extraordinary artists. They are all, in their own way, Filles électriques!