Debout: actes de parole


  • La Sala Rossa
    4848, boulevard Saint-Laurent, 3e (près de l’angle Saint-Joseph)
    Saturday October 13, 2018
    8:00 pm

For one incandescent, wacky evening let love live DADA-style. Everything’s a farce; let it fall, run wild, tear at your skin, bare its teeth. It is gentle, it rips things apart and messes them about. It exudes cabaret DADA. It LOVES you in secret, it exists. Love won’t save you, but love will be.

Directed by the ferociously reckless Marie-Paule Grimaldi and hosted by Pascal-Angelo Fioramore, whiz of the absurd, the Cabaret DADA-Love and its handful of wildly talented artists can’t wait to unveil an evening as bizarre as it is brilliant. So that love can live DADA so DADA, my love.

Show in French.